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Printing Your Teacher Planner Stickers

If you are reading this blog post, you most likely purchased my teacher planner stickers. If you haven’t purchased my teacher planner stickers yet and you are interested in them, you can check them out HERE.

This post is all about how to customize, print, and cut them in the way that works best for you.

I have gone ahead and created a few videos that will walk you through the process. Even though these video feature my watercolor planner stickers, the information applies for all of my current stickers as well as any future stickers offered in my TpT store.

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Classroom DIY,DIY,Organization

Monthly Calendar Headers

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you know I love organization, planners, and stickers. I have been making planner stickers for my planners for a while and love the color and personality it adds. I had a vision of stickers that I could add to the top of my monthly calendars to add a little more color, cuteness, and inspiration. I am happy to say that I my vision has come to life and I am here to share them with you!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and if you would like to pick yourself up a set, you can find it HERE.

IMG_6060These monthly calendar headers are designed to fit in your monthly section of your Erin Condren teacher planner. All you have to do is print them on full sized sticker paper, cut, and stick into place! This is a great way to add some seasonal fun to every month. It also comes with inspirational quotes to get you through even the toughest of days.

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Classroom DIY,Lesson Plans,Organization

Watercolor Teacher Planner Stickers

I have always been a planner and organizer. I go through phases when I use my planner every day and then there are times where by planner doesn’t even get opened. I know some of you are like this too, am I right? I love my planners and sometimes I feel guilty when I haven’t used it in a while. Something that has gotten me to open my planner more often are planner stickers. I love using planner stickers in my personal planner so I figured, why not use them in my teacher planner!?

I have been using stickers in my teaching planner for about a year now and I love it! Now that I am on summer vacation, I have been able to create some new planner stickers that I am excited to share with you!! These are digital stickers that you will be able to print on your home computer onto full sheet sticker paper. They are designed specifically for the Erin Condren teacher planner, but they will work with any planner.


My very first planner stickers were header stickers. I was getting tired of rewriting my subjects over and over again. So I made these stickers to speed up the process and I fell in love. Not only were they quick and easy to use, it also added some more color to my planner. After that, my obsession with planner stickers only grew.


The next thing that I found myself always doing was writing down events in my monthly section of my planner or even little reminders in my lesson plans itself. I don’t really like the look of my handwriting in my planner unless it is my plans, so again I wanted to make something that was quick and stood out. So my reminder stickers were born!!


Even though I don’t like using my handwriting too often in my planner, unless it is my plans, sometimes you don’t have time to make a specific sticker. That’s when these icon note stickers come in handy. They are perfect for writing a quick note and sticking it in your planner.


Lastly, I created these banner and flag stickers. I plan on using these to highlight special events, writing notes on a specific lesson plan, or even just to add some color.

Adding planner stickers has really been a life changer for me and my planning. I reference my planner more often and it actually makes lesson planning really fun!! If you are interested in getting these watercolor stickers for yourself, you can pick them up HERE.



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Classroom DIY,DIY,Organization

How to Uncoil Your Erin Condren Teacher Planner

Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you have heard of Erin Condren and if you haven’t heard about her, let me be the first to introduce to you this amazing company. I have been using Erin Condren planners for years. I started off with a Life Planner and then made the venture into the Teacher Planners. I absolutely love both of them. Of course, there are always a few downsides to any product no matter how much you love it. My only wish for Erin Condren planners is that they release their inserts without a coil. As much as a I love the coil, I end up… UNCOILING mine!! Don’t freak out, I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds. I have done this with my old teacher planner as well as my life planners and I always love the end result.

If you are interested in seeing how I did this and even considering uncoiling your own planner, this post is for you!!

The first thing you need is an Erin Condren Teacher Planner. If you don’t have one you can get one HERE. This is my referral link where you can get $10 off your first order. It is definitely worth it and it pays for your shipping!!

Next you are going to need a cover. If you are really brave, you can use the cover that came with your planner and use the following steps, but even I’m not that brave. I went ahead and bought a Martha Stewart disc bound cover from Staples.

The rest gets a little bit more detailed, so instead of writing every detail out, I decided to make a video on this whole process.

Now on to some pictures of the final product!!




IMG_6020I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you plan on uncoiling your Erin Codren planner too!!

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Erin Condren Teacher Planner

I love planners and just being organized in general. This is essential in my every day life. It allows me to be more relaxed and more prepared for the day. I have a planner for my every day life, but I needed something for my classroom. That’s when I found my Erin Condren teacher planner. I have been using this planner for a year now and I am in love. I love it so much that I decided to repurchase it again for next school year. In this video I walk you through what comes in this amazing planner. If you like what you see and want one for yourself, you can get $10 off your first order by using my referral link…



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Teacher Toolbox

With all of these teacher toolboxes floating around on Pinterest, it’s hard to really know who started it all. If any of you know who the original creator of the teacher toolbox is, please let me know so I can give proper credit. With that said, I’ve seen the teacher toolbox floating around the internet and decided it was time to make one. I am constantly searching around my classroom, looking for little odds-and-ends that are no where to be found. I love the fact that now, they will all be in one place. 
This year I am trying to create a theme for my classroom. It started with a rug that I have in my room and then it branched out into a color scheme. I was pretty sure that I was just going to stick to colors and not a full out theme, but I kind of started leaning toward a forest/woodland theme. I have always wanted a nature theme in my room, so I guess this theme was just perfect for me.

If you would like a copy of your own, please visit my TPT store HERE.

**I have two different files available for purchase. One is premade labels and the other is customizable**

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Custom Notebooks

 Last year I bought these composition books with the intentions of using them. I knew that I wanted to use them for reading, science, and social studies, but I never knew how to put all three subjects in one notebook. Last year my teaching buddy and BFF added tabs to her notebooks and I thought it was a great idea. She was able to use the notebooks all year. I meant to do it last year, but the time got away from me. I was determined to make time for it this summer.

I love the composition books because they are more sturdy than to spiral notebooks. Spiral notebooks get destroyed and eventually pages are torn and lost. Not to mention the wire starts to get messed up and pokes a student!! To create the tabs I just used a SU! label punch. You can get a newer addition HERE. I am extremely excited to start using these notebooks in my class this year and I already have so many ideas!!!

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Classroom Pictures,Organization

Before Pictures

Many people that walk into my classroom think that it is such a clean and organized room. Clean… yes. Organized… NO WAY!!

Here is what everyone sees my classroom as…

I love my room and I spent a lot of time rearranging it to make it fit my needs as well as my students’ needs. It is a very functional classroom, aside from the organizational piece that is missing. Today I am going to share with you my “secrets”. Are you ready for them? I must say that they aren’t pretty. Be warned, you are about to see my BEFORE photos. 

 This area looks fairly organized, except for the fact that I don’t use ANY of it. I ocassionally lift up the fabric to get the students’ reading books and a binder here and there, but other than that, these shelves are taking up prime real estate. 
 One of my few cabinets that lock is filled with supplies that don’t need to be locked up.
 Math centers that have never been used because I still have no clue how I want to organize them. Without organization I’m afraid they will turn into a complete mess so instead they just sit in the corner.
 Movies that I hardly ever watch with my class (maybe three a year) as well as old journals and folders.
 Two drawers that are my “junk” drawers. I know houses have junk drawers, but a classroom… really!?
 My math cabinets. Surprisingly, this is pretty nice compared to what it used to be.
 Under the sink, don’t get me started. :-/
 My main source of supplies, all crammed into four small drawers.
 Two cabinets that house extra books or materials that aren’t used.
 A bookshelf that I bought to solve the issue of limited space. I love how everything is stored away, but I hate the fact that I would like these things locked up since Lakeshore stuff is so pricey!!
 My desk. I try to have a little organization system in place. I think I outgrew it already.
 Yet again, another locking cabinet that houses materials that don’t need to be locked up.
 My teaching easel on a good day. By Friday it’s packed and today is only Monday.
I hope I didn’t scare you with all of my disorganization. I know it isn’t too bad, but to me I find myself wasting more time trying to find things then actually teaching. If I had an organizational system in place, it would make my life so much easier. Not to mentioned I would never loose anything again… maybe.
I’m linking up over at Clutter Free Classroom. You can follow my process of organizing my classroom as well as play along with us. Check back later in the week when I do challenge #2, planning.

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I have been having a difficult time with supplies over the past few years that I have been teaching. I have tables in my room and even though some people may love tables, me not so much. I love the fact that you save space with tables, but when the students don’t have a place for their things, it becomes a problem, especially in 2nd grade. I have tried many things. My first year I tried a single bucket of supplies and by the end of the year it was a total mess. Then I switched to individual boxes. That got expensive for me, even when they were on sale. Then I had the students start to buy them. The only problem was that when a student ran out of a certain material, they wouldn’t buy a new one and the other students were hesitant to share. This year I wanted to have a sense of community and that we take care of our things and share. I am going to try out the community supplies again. I will have the students buy their supplies at the beginning of the year, but as time goes on I will replenish them, that way all students are prepared and ready to learn.

I found these labels over a year ago on another teacher’s blog and I fell in love with them. I wanted to make my own, but I happily stumbled upon them when I was reading Ladybug’s Teacher Files blog. So I just want to say thank you for the amazing file. If you guys want it, you can get it here and the best part is that it’s FREE!!

My Supply Project

I love these little labels. They make me think of a chalk board and chalk. At first, when I saw them I thought that’s what it was. She has this whole thing called Flipped signs. It’s where she has a black background with white lettering and it’s supposed to make it stand out more. I actually bought her alphabet sets and I’m going to use the white ones and then “flip” the vowels. I did a little tweaking when it came to the original file. Usually each circle is 6 inches, but I went into Photoshop and shrunk them down to 2 inches. Then I took a few of my crafty punches and punched them out. So much easier than cutting 30 circles out!! It’s nice to know that my crafting supplies are getting more than one use out of them!!
The really nice thing is that I already had these cups and all of the supplies at home. The only thing I have to figure out now is how to store them. I don’t want to place them all on the tables, because I know that they will be knocked over by little hands. At first I was thinking of going to Hobby Lobby to buy some of those chargers (fancy plates) since they are normally $1-$2. But I would still have the problem of students knocking them down. That’s when I decided to go with a clear box. I had one at home already so I set it all up and I think it looks really good. Hopefully now my students will be more willing to share. Now we just have to deal with keeping it clean! So after it’s all said and done, I will only have to spend money on getting six clear boxes. It’s a little mixture of my old way of storing materials, but with an organizational feature inside!!!
While I was on Ladybug’s Teacher Files website I saw her post a project she has been working on and she uploaded it to a blog called 4th Grade Frolics. I was so excited to see that so many teachers post things they have been working on. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I also have a crafting blog where I do the same thing. You have no idea how excited I was!!! So I am linking it up over at… Monday Made It.

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