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Plan with Me {Lesson Plans for the Week of 01.17.17}

I loved sharing my lesson plan series with you and showing you how I lesson plan. Even though I follow that exact process when I plan every week, I wanted to show you in “real” time how quickly this process takes. I also want to come back every Sunday and share with you my plans for the following week. I love when teachers share their lesson plans for the week, but sometimes I love their ideas so much that I want to use them in my own class, but I can’t because I have already planned for the week. My plan is to post these videos every Sunday with ideas for NEXT week. These plans will not start tomorrow, but the following Sunday. Today’s post is an exception since I am just starting this and not only are these plans for this week, but today is Monday!! So I hope you enjoy today’s video and a list of resources that I used are mentioned at the end of this blog post.

Resources Mentioned


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Watercolor Teacher Planner Stickers

I have always been a planner and organizer. I go through phases when I use my planner every day and then there are times where by planner doesn’t even get opened. I know some of you are like this too, am I right? I love my planners and sometimes I feel guilty when I haven’t used it in a while. Something that has gotten me to open my planner more often are planner stickers. I love using planner stickers in my personal planner so I figured, why not use them in my teacher planner!?

I have been using stickers in my teaching planner for about a year now and I love it! Now that I am on summer vacation, I have been able to create some new planner stickers that I am excited to share with you!! These are digital stickers that you will be able to print on your home computer onto full sheet sticker paper. They are designed specifically for the Erin Condren teacher planner, but they will work with any planner.


My very first planner stickers were header stickers. I was getting tired of rewriting my subjects over and over again. So I made these stickers to speed up the process and I fell in love. Not only were they quick and easy to use, it also added some more color to my planner. After that, my obsession with planner stickers only grew.


The next thing that I found myself always doing was writing down events in my monthly section of my planner or even little reminders in my lesson plans itself. I don’t really like the look of my handwriting in my planner unless it is my plans, so again I wanted to make something that was quick and stood out. So my reminder stickers were born!!


Even though I don’t like using my handwriting too often in my planner, unless it is my plans, sometimes you don’t have time to make a specific sticker. That’s when these icon note stickers come in handy. They are perfect for writing a quick note and sticking it in your planner.


Lastly, I created these banner and flag stickers. I plan on using these to highlight special events, writing notes on a specific lesson plan, or even just to add some color.

Adding planner stickers has really been a life changer for me and my planning. I reference my planner more often and it actually makes lesson planning really fun!! If you are interested in getting these watercolor stickers for yourself, you can pick them up HERE.



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Chalkboard Name Plate

Today is the first day of school and I am surprisingly pretty calm. Normally I can’t sleep the night before and I get super nervous. I feel prepared this year and even though I am already at 28 students, and probably will hit 30 by the end of the day, I feel like it’s going to be a good year. I wanted to get more done this weekend for Monday Made It, but my new motto is, “It can get done tomorrow”. Normally I would have just stayed up all night making things and then go in super early to set it all up. Then I realized, it can all be done tomorrow. So I will show you what I made today and show you the rest… tomorrow. 😉

1. Chalkboard Name Plate
I bought these supplies earlier on in the summer because I wanted to get a head start on these name plates. Unfortunately for me, I waited until the last second. I filmed a quick tutorial, but I will be editing it late. Make sure to check back later to see how I made this name plate.

2. Teacher Binder

I also put together my teacher binder. You can find the file that I used HERE. I plan on making this my binder for lesson plans as well as a data binder. Normally I would always keep them both separate, but this way is easier. Next year I will definitely be buying the Erin Condren Lesson Planner. So much easier to have something that is already done for you.

3. New Shoes

I didn’t make shoes this weekend, but wouldn’t that be cool if I did!? I went searching for a good pair of shoes and I found some at my first store and in my size! That never happens to me!!! They are Clarks and I’ve hear really great things about them. Even the cashier commented on how comfortable the shoes are. I guess I will let you know after today.

4. Classroom Tour

I consider this my biggest Monday Made it of the whole summer and that is redoing my room. If you want to see more detail pictures. Please visit the blog post HERE.

5. Custom Borders

I also created my own borders to help in the decorating process. I have a whole post on this process as well as a video. You can view that post HERE.
Thank you for checking out my Monday Made Its and I hope everyone that is going back to school today or ones that have been there for a few weeks are having a great new year. And to all of you who are still on summer vacation… I hate you. Haha, JUST KIDDING!!! Enjoy your summers because they go by fast (like I’m sure you already know). 😉

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Lesson Plans Review

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I have been working a lot this summer in order to get ready for the school year. This school year is going to be a busy one for me. I am starting my 5th year and where normally one would be less busy, I am the opposite. I am starting my masters degree and this year I am also grade level team lead. With the responsibility of being team lead, I need to be organized so I know how to answer questions any other second grade teachers may need. I am also responsible for writing the grade level lesson plans. In the past when I wrote lesson plans I always had them in word documents. Where this was nice and customizable, it wasn’t very efficient for me. I would have to save each week as a different file and if I was working on a lesson at home, I would forget that I had it saved on my work computer or vice-versa. I was tired of loosing lesson plans. I have also tried the physical plan book, but I found that these were not customizable at all. I would run out of room to write certain things and when I had a reoccurring event, like lunch or specials, I would have to write it in every day. For the past 4 years, lesson planning for me was a nightmare, that was until someone at work told us about

Planbookedu is on online lesson plan book.

I have been using this plan book all summer in order to get ready for the school year. I love the features that it has to offer. For only $25 a year, I think it is well worth it.

Features (Pros):

  • You can create multiple plan books under one account.
  • Standards can be entered into your plans easily.
  • You can bump, copy, or move lesson plans.
  • Easy to customize
  • You will never loose your plan book or have it saved on a different computer. It is online and is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.
  • You can also save your completed lesson plan as a PDF. That way you can either save it to your computer or even print it out.
  • Upload files to your plans that way you will never misplace any worksheet that goes with your lesson.


  • $25 a year (or free without some of the features)
  • Difficult to print out easily

I have even made a video to walk through how to set up your first plan book.

I hope you found this helpful. I know that this will save me a lot of time this year and in years to come.

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